Trying to Lose Weight and Burn Fat-Here are simple Tips

Are you trying to lose weight and burn the stubborn body fat? Losing weight is simple if you motivate yourself to look good. It is not an impossible task to lose weight or burn body fat. Today, we all have sedentary lives and hardly get time to be active and on the move. This becomes difficult when trying to lose weight. We are surrounded by gadgets, junk foods and unhealthy drinks. You need not renounce your favorite pizza or burger. All we ask, is to eat healthy 5 days a week and do some workout. Make this a habit and see the new you!

What not to Do when Trying to Lose Weight-

1) No more soft drinks and colas. Avoid even packaged fruit juices.
2) Pizza/Burgers not to happen everyday or on any weekday. 2-3 slices pizza on a saturday or sunday.
IF you have 2 slices pizza on saturday, then have one burger for snack on sunday. No cola or soft drinks.
Instead, prefer Lime juice with very less sugar. sugarcane juice with ginger and mint or buttermilk is good for health.

What to drink when trying to lose weight?

Essentially, it is the bad cholesterol and bad fat that needs to burn for losing weight.

1) Drink plenty of water. 2-2.5 bottles (1 litre water bottle)of water

2)Green Tea is best for detox and fat loss, thus leads to weight loss.
I use Girnar herbal tea and Tea-Me brand Green Tea of Apple Cranberry Flavor.
I have 3 Green Tea in a day. I keep these with me and have alternate flavors so that i dont get bored.
I dont add sugar or honey to the green tea; you can also add Lemon Tea without Sugar, but with bit of honey.
hence, 2 green tea and one lemon tea.

3) Lemon is awesome for skin, fat loss and immunity. Add one ring of lemon to your daily drinking water.
This prevents bloating or heavy feeling after a meal.

What to eat for breakfast when trying to lose weight?

First thing one should remember is never starve your body. If you eat irregular meals, you tend to crave more for junk food.
The simple mantra for weight loss is to eat on time. Eat tiny meal once in 3-4 hours. In between meals, drink water and green tea.

Breakfast can include 2-3 boiled eggs/omelet; multi-grain bread toast; a small bowl of assorted fruits( Apple, orange,banana,papaya and some almonds).
Mix all these fruits in a small bowl and have them with 2 boiled eggs. This gives you the much needed protein,vitamins and fiber.

Lunch – 2 cups of dals/lentils/chole/kidney beans or rajma. Along with 1 cup brown rice. 1 cup curry and some buttermilk.
Include one green vegetable for lunch and dinner. This gives the iron needed for the body.
Onions, ginger and garlic are your miracle food. Onion is rich in copper and hence, good for hair.Ginger and garlic aid digestion and burn bad fat.

Snack while trying to lose weight –

This is one meal where people tend to cheat. Have a cup of soup or some steamed corn topped with salt and pepper. Idli also works for a snack.
You can even have 2 boiled eggs again for a snack.
You can also make a simple salad of steamed corn, fresh cucumber, tomato, some broken rusk/toast for a crunch. Garnish with some lemon, salt and pepper.
A light bhel is also a good option for snack.
A bread sandwich with lot of vegetables on a multi-grain bread is good.
Soup and soup sticks can also be your evening snack.
Some black coffee and 3 biscuits are also ok.

At least you are not having oily snacks or a cheesy pizza that add more calories and bad fat.

Have a green tea after 1 hour of your evening snack. This is the ideal time as the stomach feels lighter for dinner time and you do not feel bloated.

Dinner and Weight Loss-

Keep it light and simple. Have a roti with curry and some curd and a tiny bowl of fresh vegetables.
Have some green tea after dinner. Add few peanuts/almonds along with the fresh vegetables and top with some salt pepper.

Thus, as you see, weight loss is not about starving. It is all about making healthy meal choices. You do not need to keep away from the street food.
You can keep a Saturday and Sunday for a cheat meal. Have 1-2 slices of pizza on a Saturday and a burger on a Sunday.
However, it will be good if you can add Apple Cider Vinegar or Green Tea to your cheat days too. Add a spoon of Apple Cider
vinegar to a glass of water and gulp it twice a day everyday.
When you are trying to lose weight, you should also exercise for 1 hour every day. Here we have discussed on the foods.
We will soon get to another article on best exercises for toning and burning the body fat. Hope you had fun reading this. Do feel free to drop me a feedback!!


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