How to Sell your Paintings on Social Media

The days of traditional selling of products in stores is a thing of past. Today, is the time when everything is online on social media. From personal pictures to start-up companies to food and wine. Hence, for the creative artists and painter, having to work on your paintings and sketches from scratch and then getting them to store, to sell is a thing of past.

Now, sellers and buyers across the world, use social media, social network websites, digital marketing to buy or sell the artworks. Be it apparel, photographs, paintings, or digital artwork, you can go online to showcase or buy. Of course, you can also try your luck to get free samples and great discounts on these artistic works online.

Selling your Art on Amazon –social media

One of the e-commerce giants, Amazon is the best place to buy or sell anything. You must select the correct department and then register yourself as the buyer or seller. In Amazon’s Website, you can browse their art section which has some really good paintings, sketches, photography samples, drawings and lot more. What is best is that you can avail online discounts, season sales and even leave a review of what you purchase on this eCommerce website.


You would think of only electronics, sports goods or books when you think of eBay. However, you would be surprised to know that eBay also has antiques, arts, paintings, and other collections for those who love to buy or sell collectibles. You can also follow them on their blog which is the eBay blog. This also has pay though pay-pal option along with other new updates relevant for start-ups and technology enthusiasts

Sell your art Page on Facebook

We all have personal profiles on Facebook, a popular social media tool. However, Facebook is also a good platform to showcase your business and art work. A well-designed Facebook page for business will help you get buyers without much difficulty and expenditure. Viewers and clients can like your Facebook page where you post your paintings and promote them.

This is another good social media platform to sell your creative works and paintings. You can start a store to sell your paintings and even be featured on their blogs if lucky. This will attract more buyers and you can sell more paintings for low investment.

Other Social Media Websites for Promoting Your Paintings

You can use other social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and similar platforms to showcase your paintings online. You can reach millions of people online and promote your artworks with minimal investment.

Build Your Own Site With WordPress

You do not have to be a technical expert to create your own domain and website. Platforms like Blogger and WordPress enable you set up your websites. You can also set up email marketing, social media links. You do not need to have expertise in web designing to have your WordPress site for selling paintings. However, having an exclusive domain and website certainly helps you.

You can buy your own hosting for single or multiple domains if you have more than one set of hobbies. You can have dedicated blogs and domains to showcase all your hobbies and paintings and make money online from these hobbies.

Thus, to summarize, you need to let people know about your work. Once you make a painting, post it online on various social media sites. Create your own website and connect directly with the global audience. Use online digital media tools to promote your work and it is easy to make money online and sell your paintings.




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