Belly Fat-How to Lose It and Tone Your Body to Keep Active

Round is also a shape! Belly fat is not bad, I look cute and healthy. I don’t need to tone as am not fat, I hate to work out and exercise is not for me. My six packs are hiding beneath the belly fat. This and lot more is what I have heard over last few years. When someone tells me this, I feel these kind of people are very generous. They will gain and gain and someday donate their savings to the doctors and hospitals in the country! I mean, how many of us will want to donate our savings to charity!

For the others who wish to keep active and keep fit, lost that unhealthy belly fat, here I have jotted some interesting tips for all of us. It is not easy to shape up and tone your body. I have helped a few friends to shape up and a few of them have helped me with tips for losing the bad fat and build stamina.

Lose Belly Fat- Eat Protein and Reduce Carbohydrates

70 percent protein and 30 percent carbohydrates is recommended for weight management and toning your body. Per day have 30 gram carbohydrates, 70 grams protein for toning and beating that belly fat. Add fruits per meal to add the required vitamins for your body.

If you wish to gain weight, you just have to reverse the carbohydrate and protein ratio. 50 grams carbohydrates, 30 grams protein and 20 grams vitamins. Adding almonds, dried fruits along with a banana is good to gain weight in a healthy manner.
If you just want to maintain the current weight, then do a 50-50 of protein and carbohydrates. Then add the amino acids, vitamins and minerals. These, you can derive from eggs, chia sees, flaxseeds, quinoa, brown rice, high protein cheese, multigrain and millets.

Increase Soluble Fiber Intake

When you eat more fiber, you feel full for longer. Hence, you do not crave for junk food or untimely snacks in between meals. What kind of foods have soluble fiber? Avocados, berries, legumes, whole oatmeal (not the processed or refined oats), fruits, flaxseeds, chia seeds, sprouts, whole grains, almond butter and peanut butter. There are plenty more sources and you can find them online. Include 25-35-gram fiber every day in your meals.

Cut down your Alcohol to lose Belly Fat

Limit your drinks to one day a week. Also, reduce the intake of alcohol. More alcohol means more belly fat. It increases the risk of heart diseases, obesity and makes you bloat. It also causes dehydration. Hence, cut down on liquor and tone up sooner.

Start Cardio Workouts and Cut Down Carbohydrates

Intensity does not matter. It is important to keep your body active. Start slow jogs, brisk walks, enroll into aerobics, start swimming lessons, and do whatever it takes, to make your body move. The more active you are, the faster you lose weight. Exercise generates the happy hormones. Hence, you can beat those mood swings and stress levels can come down too.

Most of my friends have started practicing these tips. Along with me, they also monitor the workouts, we use social media and Whatsapp to cheer and motivate each other. This also helps us to refrain eating more junk foods. We share our meal plans and suggest workout tips. You can also motivate your friends and family and start getting fit from today!


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