Chit Chat Chai – Tea Now has a New Address in Hyderabad

Tea, chai, cutting chai, lemon tea, green tea and so on. There are different varieties of tea in the market and at restaurants. Are you a tea lover? Can you have tea any time of day? Then you should definitely try Chit Chat Chai. This is the new address for tea lovers. They have the perfect tea for that chai craving as you drive to work.
If chai works for you just as petrol works for vehicles, then you should not miss paying frequent visits to Chit Chat Chai. We visited this place and fell in love with it. The ambiance, ample parking space, greenery and smiling staff makes it all the more appealing.

Chit Chat Chai – Tea for all Moods

Yes! Am not kidding! This chai place has teas for all moods. Feeling low, happy, want to celebrate or just laze; you have a tea for every mood. Try their different “mood” tea flavors like serene basil, chamomile, ecstasy, anti-stress tea and more.

Oh, do you have a party tonight? Or a date? Then you should get here to have a cup of glowing skin tea. Seriously, come here and feel pampered. They have healthy yet totally tasty food along with that awesome hot tea.

Oolong tea – Weight loss and Health Benefits- Chit Chat Chai

Yes, this is available at Chit Chat Chai. So, who said gain weight when you go to restaurants? Here at the chai place, you have Oolong tea which is good for weight loss, prevents cancer, tooth decay, heart disease and is good for bone health.

Why Do People Love Tea? People Answer on Facebook!

I was curious to know as I prefer coffee soon as I wake up. However, I love green tea or a nice ginger tea with milk in the evening. Then, a couple of friends enlightened me on this topic on Facebook, yes, the most loved social network website.

Some said Tea or chai works as fuel. For some, it is a refresher, works as a medicine to build immunity, goes well with snacks on a rainy day, cures an upset stomach and so on! Well, seems like this new Chai Café can attract all these tea lovers!

What’s More at Chit Chat Chai?

Hey, they have lot more to offer their chai loving customers! The comfortable seating options, music, delicious and healthy foods too! Yes, if you want a wholesome nutritious meal post workout; if you want a healthy and high protein snack during a break at work, then you should here.

They have pita pockets, eggs made to order, snacks with hummus and lot more. There are enough choices for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

What more are you waiting for? Get up, get going and head to Chit Chat Chai! An ideal place for a chai adda with friends, a simple drive through n stopover for tea, a place to satisfy that tiny hunger or just to come and laze. Come and be pampered.

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