Brown Rice can be as Tasty as your White Rice

Yuck! Why should I eat brown rice? Am I sick or am I that fat to give up white rice? White rice has the same goodness as brown rice. These and more such complaints and sarcasm is what I hear through the day. All I can say it that I pity that line of thought.

These days, we have products like Patanjali and organic foods. These are nothing but taking us back to days of our grandparents. Brown rice was much popular in those days. Today many people are getting to know the health benefits of brown rice and hand-pound rice. Thus, there is a shift towards eating right. How about you making this choice too, if you not have already done so?


Why Brown Rice is a healthy choice?

White rice was also brown rice before it went through the refining process. After refining, all the natural goodness, minerals, iron, vitamins, zinc, magnesium and other nutrients are killed. Though white rice is claimed to be fortified, it still does not meet the nutritional requirement.

This rice is whole grain. Hence, it is best to reduce the risks of heart diseases and fights bad cholesterol. Yes, if you had a slice of pizza for snack, have some brown or hand pound rice in the next meal to reduce the bad cholesterol! Isn’t that simple!

Brown rice is perfect to beat the bad fat in your body. Eat brown rice or hand pound rice for lunch and dinner. If you follow this as a habit, you will soon see that your tummy stops bloating. Those old jeans can soon come out from the wardrobe for you to wear and show off! Am not kidding! I have switched to brown rice for over 4 years now. The results are in front of you!

Simple recipe for Delicious Brown Rice Meal



Brown rice – 1 cup

Green Moong – 1 cup

Water – 2.5 to 3 cups

Spinach (palak) – 1-1.5 cups

Green chilli- 2 (slit in half)

Salt – to taste

Turmeric – 2 pinches

Pepper powder – half tsp

Ghee/sesame oil/olive oil – 1 tsp (use either of the 3)

Mixed Vegetables (frozen or fresh) – can add beetroot, carrot, peas, tomato, beans, cauliflower. (can skip if you do not have these)

Procedure to cook the Brown Rice Meal

Soak the rice in drinking water for 20 minutes. When the rice is soaking, use the pack of frozen vegetables, take a cup of mixed vegetables (frozen or fresh). Take a pressure cooker, add all ingredients mentioned above, except the rice and water.

Sautee all the ingredients for 1-2 minutes. Then add water and rice. Cover the pressure cooker. Keep it on medium flame. After 3 whistles, switch off the gas. Let the cooker cool. Open the lid once the cooker is cooled. That’s it!! The delicious healthy meal is ready to eat!

You can have it with some lemon pickle or roasted papad! Do not forget to add a cup of curd/yogurt to add the probiotic goodness!

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