My name is Rekha and am an avid reader, fitness obsessed and filled with enthusiasm when it comes to social networking. Dabbled earlier into content writing, blog promotions, proofreading.

The final dream of owning my own website is now a reality. I look up websites, Facebook Pages and Blogs which have content with errors – grammatical or otherwise. I work to make their social media content more interesting and appealing to the global audience.

What does that give me? A sense of joy seeing my own proofreading on pages and websites across the world. Truly, the social media is the best means to connect with different people and even make a living while doing so!

How to be successful

This was always on my mind in whatever I did, be it sports, fitness, blogging or a regular job into finance. I just wanted to be best in what I do. So I realized that all we need is to have passion and love for what we want to do. Also, be consistent and persistent.

Do not give up when something does not work. Try 100 ways of failure before the one streak of success gets you. There will be thousands of content writers and proof readers but my love for reading and understanding people, makes me better at writing and proofing.

Listening is important. If you want to be successful, you should listen to understand and not to merely reply. Always have an open mind so your mind sees a bigger picture. There can be an idea right in your surroundings and an open mind enables you to jump into making money.

Do it every day. Yes, blogging or writing, promoting, working on growing your business. You have to do it every day to achieve success. The more you connect with the audience, the higher is the chance to get more potential visitors and buyers.

My Own Dreams Goals and Values

Own a Porsche and drive through a coastline on a bright sunny day. This is a dream I will want to fulfil someday. The goal is to reach out to the world using social media and digital marketing tools. I want to proofread content and develop better looking pages, blogs and websites. Just tweaking some words and publishing more interesting content is simple yet tough. When people have a writer’s block, I want to step in and do the thinking for them.

I also love to write product reviews. This ranges from food, restaurant reviews to clothes, fitness equipment, nutrition tips, healthy lifestyle and travel. I have previously written reviews for hair salons and travel blogs. I believe that an honest and genuine review attracts more customers to buy a product. The best way to get more customers and audience is to be honest and genuine about the product, website or review.

I am here to write about your products, websites and pages so that you have more audience and customers. I want to make more money while I help you do the same. It is a combined effort and teamwork always brings in more success. Smart work and brainstorming is possible when it is a team effort. You have an idea and a product, I am here to help you promote it and review it. Hence, more visitors and potential customers come in. Thus, it is a win-win for both, you and me.

I am here to earn by publishing my reviews and proofing. I can help write good reviews for your products and earn from it. I want to invest this in growing my site and helping more people in this process so that more businesses develop and more opportunities are available for bloggers and writers like me.

What I love

When am not at work or blogging and proofing, I enjoy workout in the gym. I believe that it is important to keep fit. A fit body is essential for a positive mind. While I gym, I constantly think of ideas for my articles, new products to review and ways to make workouts less boring. Hence, the mind is constantly at work all the time. Sometimes, I feel like an insomniac because I find 24 hours too less and there seems so much to accomplish.

I enjoy long drives, conversations with friends and sketching. My enthusiasm shows in my product reviews, proof reading and blogging or online promotions. Unless I have faith in a product, I would not recommend it to the customers. An honest review or proofing is possible only when you genuinely spend time on the product or web page.

If you enjoyed reading this, do connect and we can work together to make your webpage more appealing to the audience! I am here to help, proof read, review your products and promote your brand for a very reasonable price.