Do you Abuse Traffic Verbally while Driving? Imagine No Traffic!


No Traffic-Dream Comes True!

Driving through traffic is a pain! Yes, I know you are nodding as you read this sentence. Commuting to the workplace feels so hectic that most of us wish there was remote office. Work from home seems to be a savior. It isn’t about driving to work every day. It is about reaching your destination.

Commuting in Traffic

Most of us carpool, bus, use a commut service or drive alone to work on a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. Whatever be the mode of transport and whatever be the time of day or night, you are bound to be stuck in a traffic jam. You no longer look at the vehicle next to you and smile, as in a chocolate ad. You just abuse the traffic and vehicle owners for coming into your lane or way!

Yes, we do use this buffer time, when we travel, to pursue our hobbies. Needless to say, I find most of the colleagues take a nap! I do not blame them because I get tempted to do the same. The vehicle just will not move. Thanks to the metro constructions and dug up roads. Yes, we all blame the government every single day.

Abusing Traffic and Government

There was a time when we heard folklore, where priests gave a curse and lo behold! It came true! If all our curses to the government came true, I smile thinking what would happen to the politicians. Curse them to turn to a statue, an animal or some funny fragment of your imagination! So, yes, I do think all this when am travelling from point A to point B.

The reason why I am writing this is on a republic day is the minimal traffic on roads. I was on the road driving and could not resist clicking a picture. This is Begumpet, in Hyderabad. On any given day, it takes an hour to swim through the traffic and cross this place. However, on Republic day, a public holiday, it took merely 10 mins or less to breeze through this stretch! I could even count the number of potholes and see the road clearly!

Yes, I did wish every day to be a public holiday, a US Holiday or a UK holiday, so that we commuters could reach our destinations- mall, movie theatre, office or a park in time and save fuel, time and have a happy face while driving!


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